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What Are 613 Blonde Wigs

In recent years, blonde wigs have become more and more popular among young girls. Girls of all colors like to wear blonde wigs. 613 wigs can make girls more fashionable and attractive. 613 wigs are popular with wig wearers. We will introduce you what are 613 blonde wigs and some styles of them. Hope this can help you make a help for your wig purchase.

What is a 613 blonde wig

613 wig represents the combination of light blonde hair and blonde hair. The color of 613 wig is also called baby blonde hair, and 613 wig is a substitute for 60-color wig. This wig is bright in color, just like honey, which is very attractive.

Types of 613 wigs

We already know the color of 613 wigs, but there are also many types of 613 wigs. These types are based on different wig caps, lace or styling designs of 613 wigs. We will introduce some popular styles to you, and you can look for more styles in our shop.

  1. Full lace 613 wig

This wig is made of all lace, including that each hair is set on the lace net cap by hand. The wearing effect is very natural, and it feels extremely comfortable to wear. Due to the all-lace material, all-lace 613 wig can help our scalp breathe freely, and we won’t worry about any skin problems because of sultry heat. Moreover, what kind of shape can the full lace wig make? It is a wig that can be designed very freely.

  1. Front lace 613 wig

Unlike all-lace 613 wigs, the front lace 613 wigs only use lace texture material at the front of the wig, and the wig cap at the back is not lace. This design not only helps to reduce the cost, but also keeps a good natural effect. The front 613 wig can handle the hairline well, so that the wearer can have a natural hairline.

  1. Deep wave 613 wig

Deep wave 613 wig has a very beautiful wave pattern, which can give off golden light in the sun. Although it is relatively long, the hair of the 613 deep wavy wig is very smooth, and it is made of natural hair. This wig is also strong and durable.

  1. Bob 613 wig

Bob 613 wig is a blonde wig with Bob’s style. There are several lengths to choose from, including 10, 12 and 14 inches. This Bob 613 wig is very popular, because the required raw materials are short in length and the cost is relatively low, so the price of this Bob 613 wig is very affordable. But also is more convenient to maintain and wear.

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