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How to Wash a Lace Front Wig

Do you want to know how to properly clean your lace front wig? Don’t look anywhere else! We can help you. Washing wigs is a simple process, which will ensure that hair stays fresh and beautiful. We will share the correct steps to clean wigs.

What is a lace front wig

A wig consisting of the front is called a lace front wig. A lace or silk wig that may be completed or crocheted at the top of the head is called a forehead. The front design gives wigs greater style choices and complete scalp impersonation coverage along the hairline.

Steps to Wash a Lace Front Wig

1. Remove the wig’s angle.

You must tilt the wig to guarantee complete washing. This procedure will go more smoothly if you use a de-angle brush. Work your way up from the brush’s bottom.

If your wig is very untidy, you might wet your hair and add conditioner to make it easier to comb. The wig shouldn’t be tangled when you start washing it. Do not forget to use a wig comb or one with large teeth.

2. Shampoo

In a basin or pail of warm water, place the wig. Warm water is required since hot water will dry out the hair and cause it to become brittle. It cannot effectively clean the hair when it is chilly.

Gently press the wig after shampooing it. Avoid scrubbing your hair as vigorously as you would genuine hair since this might promote hair loss and lessen the density of your wig.

After that, immerse your hair by squeezing it under water. The water should be allowed to soak in the filth and oil for ten minutes. After giving your hair a good washing in warm water, clean out the sink.

3. Conditioner for hair

To replace the moisture that shampoo lost, use conditioner. A quality conditioner will refresh and nurture the wig once more. A quality conditioner won’t harm the hair and doesn’t include sulfates or parabens.

The wig may last longer and maintain the hair fresh by using quality shampoo and conditioner. Comb your wig thoroughly by hand or with a wide-toothed comb after applying conditioner. Fake into plastic bags, which can lock in heat and improve the way things enter the hair. Let it rest typically for 30 minutes. Make sure to give your hair a good rinse with warm water after conditioning.

4. Drying 

After the hair has been thoroughly cleaned, cover the wig with a towel and leave it be for around 20 minutes. Microfiber towels are the greatest since they absorb water better than cotton towels and have less coarse hair.

Hang the wig up to dry when the hair has had time to somewhat dry. For best results, let the wig air dry for a whole night. It works best when placed on the wig head or wig holder.

Some other precautions for cleaning the front lace wig

  • Cleaning the front lace wig depends on the wearing frequency. It is important to remember that your wig should not be washed as much as natural hair, or it will hurt your wig.
  • If your wig is worn every day, it should be cleaned every two weeks at most.
  • Use high-quality professional wig products to reduce the damage to wigs.

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