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How to Cut Your Bob Wig Naturally

Do you trim a bob wig yourself, or if you have a bob wig, but think it’s long, you want to trim it a little shorter? If you have learned it, do you know how to make our trimmed bob wig look more natural? Today’s article is about how to shape a natural wig.

Trim bob’s wig with different faces

  1. Round-faced girl

Then you need to keep the length of Bob’s wig below your chin, which can better adjust the shape of your face, or you can make Bob’s wig into a side-separated style, which can make your face look slim visually.

  1. A girl with oval face

This face is actually very beautiful, perfect, and you are suitable for all Bob wigs. If you don’t want to be too monotonous, you can try to make some waves on Bob’s wig to create different shapes, and it will be more beautiful.

  1. The forehead is more prominent and bigger

You can make a bangs bob wig, which can better change your face shape and make up for the deficiency of your forehead.

  1. The face is heart-shaped

Your wig needs to highlight the cheekbones on your face and create a fuller effect in the chin area. At this time, you can also control the length of your wig below the chin and create some wavy lines appropriately.

  1. Dryness and wetness of wig during trimming

Wigs are usually trimmed when they are dry. If you have curly hair, it’s easier to cut it when it’s dry, but if your hair is straight, feel free to wet it or get it wet before cutting it.

Final end

Hope you can do your bob wigs more naturally dear. And our hair shop now has many styles of bob wigs on sales. They are all affordable and high quality. Welcome to consult and buy.

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