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How to straighten a curly wig

In order to be more beautiful, many people want to change their hairstyle regularly, but how to straighten a curly wig in a healthy way?  There is a method.
  1. equipped with a small comb to keep the curly wig flowing
  2. try to rub the hair regularly when washing the curly wig, do not let the shampoo remain on the curly wig!
  3. The choice of the shampoo is very important, if you bought a curly wig with neutral or dry hair, it is best to choose a moisturizing shampoo, people with oily hair choose to control the oil a little. If the curly wig with medium hair, you need to dry hair by using Rex to refresh Elegant, soft, Pantene (I recommend it, you can also choose freely).
  4. After washing the curly wig, comb the hair of the curly wig and keep it in a natural vertical state. Do not wipe it with a towel and let the water flow down, so that the hair can be straightened!
  5. At night, when you go to bed, you should pay attention to it. If you have a condition, you can wear a knit hat to sleep. After a few weeks, you will find that your curly wig is getting straighter!

There is so many ways to make the curly wig straighten, different hair, should use different method to solve it.

  1. If the hair of the curly hair wig is too dry —Puffy: you need to choose the right condition product, take good care of curly hair wig and maintenance.
  2. if you sleep without hair drying, it is possible that the hair of the curly wig will be bent — Bent: you need to sleep after drying the curly wig.
  3. If the hair of the curly wig is damaged: Please use repair and reconstruction as the requested maintenance product.

This is the most convenient way to straighten the curly wig, usually can be maintained for 2-6 months depending on the hair circulation of the curly wig, but you need to pay attention to the follow-up maintenance

Straightening is more trouble because every time you wash your curly hair wig you need to dry the hair wig. The method is to layer first, then use a round comb to pick up a part of the hair, and gently pull the hair and blow it down the hair flow. The wind direction and the hair are about 45 degrees to blow the hair scales smoothly. After drying, you can use cold air to set it. However, this requires skill, and it is more convenient to practice many times.

There are many styling products for straightening hair, which are less likely to hurt the hair like straightening or straightening, but the relative straightness is not as good as the first two.

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