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How Long Does 360 Lace Frontal Sew In Last

360 Lace increasing is the first and most popular use among African-American women, which is a new style trend among fashionable women today. Some women who care about hair products may know a lot about lace front wigs human hair, but some may not. For whatever reason, you should opt for a wig with a 360-degree lace front that looks authentic. There are many different kinds of wigs 360 lace front wigs are very popular for their realistic appearance, versatility in styling and many other reasons, so I will answer all your questions about the frontal lobe here.
  • What is a lacy frontal lobe?
  • Should I get a 360 lace front wig?
  • How long has 360 been sewing on the front?

Many women who love beauty worry about how long their 360-degree lobes will last, which is of course crucial to their decision. After all, it’s expensive, right? Read on:

What is a lacy frontal lobe?

The lace frontal lobe completes the desired look of the stitched hair braids by closing the installation process, eliminating the need for mixing and omitting. This is the “finishing piece” that completes the entire knitting process. This is a remodeling of the hairline. Essentially a protective style, the hairline and edges are protected from the tension created by sewing. The LACES are scattered from ear to ear, and only a portion of them can choose to party anywhere they like. Both tend to be around 13 “x 4”, but the length of the heads is 13 “x 2” or 13 “x 6”.

The 360 lace front is a lace headband. The standard medium size of the 360 frontal lobe is 22.25 “x4” x2 “. 22.25 “is the circumference from ear to ear. 4 “is the width of the front. 2 “is the width of the back and sides. The middle space is where the wave is sewn. It’s not a wig, but it can be used to make wigs or to weave hair by simply adding the bundle to the middle. It wraps around the entire head, so you can put it in a ponytail or anywhere.

Should I get a 360 lace front wig?

The short answer is: It depends. The pre-picked 360 frontal lobe is suitable for people without edges. If you want to try 360 closure of the frontal lobe, you can and it works well. I definitely recommend 360 frontal lobes, which are easy to wear, adjustable, comfortable, have baby hair, natural hairline and pre-plucking, truly natural beauty.

How long has 360 been sewing on the front?

In general, it is difficult to answer this question – how long can a prepluck 360 frontal lobe closures last for the same lacing closure, hair color, hair length, hair and hair quality. When two people buy at the same time, the service life of the lace button will be different, depending on your way of wearing and hair care conditions.

Honestly, how long this hair lasts depends on how you care for it, treat it like your own hair and give it good care to make it last longer, usually at least six months. If the treatment is good, the time is longer. Compared to traditional braided bunches, if you use high quality glue or tape, a 360 degree pre-pulled lace frontal lobe with bunches can remain in place for two weeks without displacement, however, if you only use the usually attached wig, you can only use the wig for a short time.

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