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What is the difference between remy hair and human hair

Now more and more young girls are willing to spend money and time to wear a beautiful human hair extension, these human hair extensions are becoming more and more popular. But there are many kinds of raw materials for producing human hair bundles, such as remy hair, non remy hair, virgin hair, human hair and so on. 

In the previous article 《What is remy hair, non remy hair, virgin hair and ordinary human hair?》, we have roughly introduced the relationship between them. Today we will give a more detailed introduction of remy hair and human hair and the difference between them.

What is ordinary human hair?

Ordinary human hair is usually collected in barbershops all over the world. They are of different quality and have a very large supply, so it is much cheaper than Remy hair. Under normal circumstances, the market is sold human hair extensions is not Remy hair extensions.

What are the shortcomings of ordinary human hair?

Because the tips and roots of the ordinary human hair are jumbled together, this is to say, their cuticles go in different directions. If the cuticle of the hair is in different directions, this increases friction between the hair, making it easy to get dry and tangled.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is a very popular high-quality raw material for hair extensions. The workers manually put the cuticles of each hair in the same direction. So they hardly get entanglements, of course, when you wear them correctly.

Real remy hair extensions are very durable. They are expensive, but they look very natural and blend well with your own hair. If you can wear and maintain them properly, they can bring you beauty for at least a year.

What’s the difference between them?

First of all, their collection methods are different, remy hair because the collection method is more difficult, so its production is relatively low, often in short supply, so its price is much more expensive than ordinary human hair.

Remy hair has better quality and more durable. Ordinary human hair will become very entangled and dried with the fading of the silicone layer. If you can keep it well, remy hair can bring you beauty for more than a year.

To make a metaphor, if ordinary human hair is a “Camaro” in a sports car, remy hair is a “Ferrari”, and virgin remy hair is a “Bugatti”.

If you have a budget, I really recommend that you buy remy hair, which not only looks more natural, but also looks more comfortable, and lasts longer.

Ms Aloe sells best virgin remy hair extension, they are all made from 100% virgin hair, so they are very natural, healthy, soft and silky. There are many choices, such as Brazilian curly hair bundles, Malaysian straight hair bundles with lace closure, Peruvian body wave hair with lace frontal and so on. And they can be dyed and permed. If you take good care of them, they can bring you beauty and confidence for at least one year.

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