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How To Put A Human Hair Wig In A Ponytail

How to tie a lace front wig on a ponytail? You should use a wig-friendly comb to style your hair system. It should be as soft as possible to avoid damaging the wig and your own hair. If you want a curly ponytail, brush it off with your fingers. Please choose a thin wig instead of a thick wig. It will give you a realistic look.
  • Step 1: Wear a wig
  • Step 2: Collect the hair
  • Step 3: Add hair spray
  • Step 4: Style the hair

Step 1: Wear a wig

Before styling the wig, it must be worn on the head. Put on the wig cap and put on the wig. Fix the wig in place with glue, tape or similar. Then adjust your hair to make you feel comfortable. Cut off the extra lace until the wig sticks to the scalp. Now your hair is pretty.

Step 2: Collect the hair

It’s time to make wigs on ponytails. First, comb the hair to make it tangled, and then put it all back. Then tilt your head, use your fingers to pass through the hair, and then pull it into a ponytail. Brush again with the paddle handle. Keep pulling your hair upwards until you are comfortable.

Secure the hair with a rubber band.

Step 3: Add hair spray

Spray a wig on the hair to keep the hairstyle longer. Purchase hair spray at a nearby hair salon or hair salon. You can ask the hair stylist which product is suitable for your wig before shopping.

Step 4: Style the hair

If you want the wig to look more natural, carefully place the hair piece of the real hair around the wig. It produces an illusion that looks like your own hair. This is all the steps of how to tie the wig into a high ponytail.

Don’t hesitate to learn how to make ponytail wigs etc. With some practice and proper tips, you will make attractive ponytail wigs.

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What do you need to prepare? Wigs, bun doughnuts and hairpins.

Wear a wig like the above method. Now, let’s tie it into a high-fat bun. First we must comb our hair into a pony. If you leave a few baby hairs, it will look more natural. Then fix the hair in any position.

Now, place the hair of the ponytail in the center of the donut. Wrap the hair around the hair bun and use a hair clip to fix the hair. You can create blonde ponytails with bangs to make it look more stylish. Remember to dye the wig before wearing it.

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