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How to make a lace wig by yourself

The fashion trend is changing rapidly, it may be difficult to keep up, grow up to see people wearing lace wigs for different styles in daily life, maybe buying a human hair lace wig will be easier to complete, but you can also make a lace wig by yourself More appropriate, there is a sense of accomplishment, because you make your own, i will tell you if you do make a lace wig before, how you can make a lace wig by yourself. Although many people have saw a lot of videos, they still do not know how to make the beautiful. Today, I will tell you the steps on how to make a beautiful lace wig by yourself, it is easy to learn.

First of all, ready the things you need when you make the lace wig wig

Needlework, scissors, wig racks, knitted hats, combs, brushes, and the hair bundles with closure or bundles with frontal, choosing the high quality hair, such as Ms Aloe hair, it determines if you can make the wig more beautiful. ( you can buy high quality hair through this link

Secondly, make the wig beautiful

Firstly, When you get your hair, you need ready a wig head rack, which you can easily buy at your local .

Second, Prepare the hair as well as wig cap, place the wig cap on the wig cap holder, open the wig cap and start sewing, measure and shorten the hair to fit the wig cap, and fix the wig cap on the wig cap holder. You can use needles and threads to fix your naturally curly hair tress, it can make the wig last longer. If you want a simple method, you can also use hairspray and hair dryer or hot glue gun and glue stick. This is much easier.

Third, if you want to make a wig with lace, you should put that part down first, after that, add another hair bundles. It will let you know how many bundles you need. And it help you to find where is the best place to add the frontal or closure. The advantage of this is to make your wig look natural, you can also separate the hair any where as you like.

Fourth, before you install the wig you make, you should cut down the extra wig lave, so that your wig can be flexibly and comfortably worn, and it is also safe. You can use some combs and sew on the wig cap.

Once you finished the human hair lace wig, you can redesign it to make it into the hair you want.

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