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How I Lay Down and Secure My Lace front Wigs

When we wear a beautiful human hair wigs, we will be confidence. However we all afraid that our wig is falling out or blow away. That will be so embarrassed at that moment. It’s important to learn how to secure your lace front wigs. Today I will introduce my way to lay down and secure my wig from Ms Aloe hair. 
  • Step 1  Remove The Make Up around The Hairline
  • Step 2 Secure The Wig Down With Glue
  • Step 3 elastic band
  • Step 4 bobby pins

Step 1 Remove The Make Up around The Hairline

glue adhere a little bit better if it’s on the clean skin. Second there is no need for the make up there if anything all that’s gonna do guck up the lace of the wig.

Lace front Wigs 1

Step 2 Secure The Wig Down With Glue

I can secure my wig down with got glue hairspray and i will spray along with my hairline but for performance I like to use pros-aide. The great thing about this. Its very convenience for me as I usually put in my bag and carry it along with me.  I take it on a little bit disposable popsicle stick because if you use your fingers or metal spatula it just Gunks those up and it’s hard to clean so it’s just easier to use this and then throw it out.i takes a little bit and then starts putting on the parts where i want to glue now.

Lace front Wigs 2

Step 3 elastic band

When you sewing on the wig, you can sew on elastic band to keep the wig more tight and has a lot of pull on the elastic. Your can measure the distance from your left ear to right ear the cut the elastic band.

Lace front Wigs 3

Step 4 bobby pins

Add the bobby pins on my wig, it can keep my wig more safety.I usually put my bobby pins in the back of my wig. Pull the wig back until all of your head. Put all the way back down and pin into the wig cap of my wigs and pin through that and pierce into the stocking cap that I’m wearing on my head .

Lace front Wigs 4

If you want to get more detailed information about how i secure my wig.

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