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How to maintain dyed curly wigs

Real human hair curly wigs can be dyed, but after dyed the hair, the hair maybe will become terrible, so we need to take good care for the wigs which have been dyed.

1. Do not try to approach the high temperature, because the material is not resistant to high temperature dyeing curly wigs.

2. If you need a trim, you can ask a professional stylist for help.It won’t be self-defeating to do it yourself

3. The wig has been dyed need to wash 1-2 time a month, also can wear according to the frequency and decide.

4. Dyed curly wig is washed with cold water or lukewarm water can, washing the hair by using   general shampoo is OK, also can cooperate of course general protect hair element.

5. Clean curly wig should use dry towel to suck the excess moisture on wig gently first, put its again to ventilated place natural air is dried (had better be to have a support to wear), in order to avoid sunshine to be basked in to cause damage to curly wig, and as far as possible do not use hairdryer such undertake high temperature wind is blown dry.

6. Hair of dye curl hair basically does not use comb to comb, after taking good every time, need to be in coil place to arrange with the hand only ok.

7. If the curly wig with a long knot is not good to comb, do not force pull, and should be sprayed on the wig special non-oily maintenance fluid, and then slowly, carefully will knot the place.

8. Pay attention to do not spray on curly wig philosophy water, hair wax such as the use of real hair styling agent, because this will make curly wig become sticky.

9. Dyed curly wigs could be tied up, but not too high; Or your own real hair will come out.

10. When longer curly wig combs, the wig should be divided into several parts to comb, from the bottom to the top comb, must be light, to have patience.

11. A small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon in the course of finishing and wearing.

12. Usually do not wear on the original packaging, to take a shake on the original.Dyed curly wig cleaning:

Rinse with cold or warm water, just a regular shampoo, and use a conditioner. According to the frequency of wearing, generally in 1-2 months or so wash 1 time.Air dry naturally after washing.

The placement of curly wig: the thing is supported when placed, and it is ok to comb it out a few times when wearing it.

The maintenance that dye curls Lace Front wigs at ordinary times: the hair does not need special care, after wearing every time, want to comb messy place slowly neat, very coil hair is parted slowly with the hand, cannot be messy put, can knot more and more otherwise! Dear friends needs to be patient and careful, take good care of it.

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