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How To Give Your Old 360 Lace Wigs A Fresh Look

The 360 frontal wig is a pre-sewn wig made from the 360 frontal lobe and hair band, also known as the 360 wig, which is essentially a lace headband with adjustable hooks on the back, so it can be beautiful and comfortable or taped without glue, or even sewn like many of us. It’s not all lace, it’s not a lace front, it’s lace around, it’s the latest wig in the trend of hair extensions and weaving. They are full lace seals designed to bypass the entire circumference of the head, unlike the regular lace frontal lobe, which is attached only to the front of the head. They are designed to significantly reduce weaving installation time.

These lace frontal lobes are suitable for any standard mid-sized woman wearing wigs and hats (typically 22-22.5 inches in circumference). 4 inches on the front, 2 inches on the back. It’s not a wig, but it can be used to make wigs or braid hair, and you just add the bundle to the middle. It wraps around the entire head, so you can put it in a ponytail or anywhere. All knots tied with natural hairline and bleached. So 360 means it’s 360 degrees, so you can break the hairline when you put it on

A woman’s wig represented her beauty. More and more women need locks to make them look real. Real locks can make them look gorgeous, make them confident and charming. However, things didn’t work out the way we had planned. Wigs are usually tangled, fall off, dry and dull, which is a great way to show beauty. Human hair lace wigs have a natural look, so the demands on wigs are very high. Today, we share some tips on how to freshen up old 360-degree wavy hairband wigs.

First of all, wigs need to be cleaned. Dirt can damage their shine and softness. Before cleaning, you should look at the lock shampoo ingredients on the package. Try to choose a suitable and non-invasive shampoo, as cheap shampoos can make extensions look dull and fragile.

Wash your hair, then, don’t sleep with a wet hairpin, if sleeping with a wet hair weave is the most unwise choice. Correctly, you have to make sure it’s dry before you go to bed. Tie them up before you go to bed. However, if you use them regularly, be sure to tie them in braids, but make sure they are properly dried.

Sleep, meanwhile, real virgin hair needs deep conditioning. Shampoo each time, squeeze out extra water and dry with a towel. Then take an appropriate amount of conditioner and apply it correctly to the wig.

Deep treatment, finally, as your own baby love it, reduce unnecessary damage, such as dyes and perms, as well as away from the heat, if you must use an iron or curling iron, please buy a serum of your choice, or have some time on your hand and make one at home.

Brows, 360 lace wig can help increase the volume of your hair and bring you a variety of styles, such as 360 body wave lace wig, 360 long straight wig, 360 curly wig and so on. You’d better take care of your own baby, the more you take care of it, the more beautiful it will bring to you! Keep in mind that it needs to be looked after and nursed, especially if you take your hair seriously and wear it every day, your hair will bring you good condition.

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