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what’s the difference between a lace frontal wig and a full lace wig

Hi sweetie, how are you doing today? This is a passage about the difference between lace frontal wig and full lace wig, as we know, for all kinds of human hair wig, there are four kinds of wig, lace closure wig, lace frontal wig,360 lace wig, and full lace wig, last time, we have compared the lace closure wig and lace frontal wig, so this time, we will compare the lace frontal wig and full lace wig, which are both famous and popular in the modern life, so if you want to read last passage about the difference between lace closure wig and lace frontal wig, you can go to to get it. so let’s begin!

So what’s the lace frontal wig? Let me explain it again, first, you should know the lace frontal wig also called 13x4 ear to ear lace frontal or 13x6 ear to ear lace frontal, the 13 inch means from the left side to the right side is about 13 inch and 4 inch or 6 inch means from the hairline to the top of your head is about 4 inch or 6 inch, this is the two kind of lace frontal wig on the market now, So what are the pros and cons of the lace frontal wig, as for the advantage, first and foremost, you can wear the lace frontal wig without slipping, so you don’t need the glue or the tape anymore, secondly, a lace frontal wig is really soft and breathable for most of us, cause the big space of lace and we can hide our hairline easily if you have a lace frontal wig, you will amazing how convenient to take on and take off your lace frontal wig? Then cause the lace frontal wig doesn’t have the entire lace on the wig, you don’t worry about wearing it though it’s the first time you buy a wig, you can still wear it easily without any issues. So this is the reason why the lace frontal wigs become more and more popular nowadays, you can also customize the parting of your wig easily any time, as for the disadvantages, it will cost you a lot of money compared with lace closure wig, but compared with the full lace wig, lace frontal wig is still cheaper than it.

What’s the full lace wig? The full lace wig is constructed from the lace and the lace can cover all of your head, so you can also customize any parting you want, besides, you can also customize the wig to a ponytail if you want, it will make it looks so natural compared with the lace frontal wig. What’s more, the lace frontal wig is more breathable and soft than lace frontal wig, but the main of the disadvantage of the lace frontal wig is expensive for most people, it will cost double than the lace frontal wig, so if you don’t have enough money,I still highly recommend you can buy the lace frontal wig.

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