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Relaxed to Natural body wave Hair

  1. Be patient
    The average amount of body wave hair grows by four to six inches a year, meaning patience is an important part of natural body hair growth. You must understand that this process is not easy. Learn to embrace the texture of nature. Initially, you may not see real hair texture because chemical residues from sc sores escape from the scalp. Sometimes you get frustrated working with two different textures. You must overcome this frustration to achieve the goal of natural hair. Keep learning how to manage your hair before you throw in the towel; It takes time to see the results.
  2. Condition
    Conditioning is the key to managing both textures and preventing breakage. You want to get deep care at least once a week, and after about six to eight weeks, you’ll notice a change in the new growth status and manageability of your body wave hair. Based on deep conditioning, be sure to keep the hair bundle moist to prevent it from breaking at the dividing line, where loose hair meets natural body wave hair. The main staple products include deep conditioner, no-wash conditioner, moisturizer, and hair oil.
  3. The rectangular
    It is important to untangle very gently and allow time for the day to wash. It’s best to mess up your body wave hair before washing it. Dry hair breaks easily, so be sure not to use harsh shampoos to prevent excessive peeling of hair from natural oils. When tangling, make sure your hair is saturated with the tangled cream or conditioner to avoid breaking at the dividing line. Finger tangles are a great way to reduce breakage, but unfortunately, they can be a bit time-consuming. If you are using a comb, make sure your teeth are broad and always comb your hair from head to toe.
  4. pruning
    To achieve a completely natural lock, you must gradually loosen the ends and trim them 1-2 inches every two months or as much as you like. A consistent trim also helps prevent the ends of the split ends from moving up and damaging new and natural body wave hair.
  1. Quality of a material
    Wearing a textured hairstyle helps to blend the two textures. Hairstyling can be a matter of straight and curly hair on the same head. A textured hairstyle is a style with a certain curly or wavy pattern. Braids, kinks, rod covers, and straw covers are great hairstyles that blend curly hair with straight hair.
  2. Protection
    In this process, when it comes to hair, it is important to keep a low profile, comb, and pull. Protective hair styling helps prevent breakage by keeping the ends of the body wave hair longer. However, you don’t want to make your hair too long, or you’ll end up with hair-raising tangles. Also, make sure that when wearing these protective hairstyles, braids, S, and ponytails are not pulled too tight. Some examples of these protective works are cornrows, braids, bunheads, flat twists, wigs, sewing, etc.
  3. Fewer calories
    It is important to understand that you must be as far away from heat as possible. When trying to grow healthy, strong hair, you don’t want to cause heat damage. Direct heating of flat irons, curling irons, hairdryers, etc., can adversely affect your transition process, especially if used too often or incorrectly. Heat (or lower) for a short time to set the style.

In addition to using heat to straighten or elongate the body wave hair, another method is to use the lacing method, which USES an elastic band to lengthen the hair in smaller sections.

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