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The difference between different styles of hair weave

Ms Aloe sells many kinds of hair products, including straight hair weave, body wave weave, curly hair, water(wet/wavy) wave hair Bundles and so on. Today we will discuss some of the merits and demerits of some hairstyles.

straight hair

straight hair is the most glossy and resilient hair of all hairstyles because the hair’s natural oils can run from the root to the top. straight hair is easier to maintain hairstyle and harder to curl this hair texture, and it is the oiliest hairstyle of all.

the advantages of straight hair

Straight hair is tough because it’s easy for the natural oil from the scalp to the hair shaft, so it can get a lot of nutrients. The above causes that straight hair could handle serious cleaning and styling.

more luster

straight hair texture could reflect more light compared with other hairstyles, so it looks more shine.

easier care

straight hair is easier to clean and comb than other styles (texture) of hair and it is not easy to knot and deform

the shortcoming of straight hair

straight hair may look classic, but its only drawback is that it feels too single, not fashionable, and lacks the impulse in life.

Ms Aloe straight hair

Ms Aloe sells a variety of straight hair products, such as straight hair bundles, straight hair closure, straight hair lace frontal and so on. They’re all made of 100% virgin human hair including Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair and so on. They are of high quality, no shedding, no tangle.

curly hair

curly hair weave, because of its vibrancy and hairstyle, allows it to adapt to different styles of women. It suits major face shape with the appropriate cut, so it is one of the most popular textures on the market.

the advantages of curly hair

curly wave are bouncy, which makes the wearer look younger and more energetic, especially for hot girls.
curly hair can do a lot of modeling, such as plait braid, hairpin up, or naturally put down.
less cleaning,
Because of its texture, it could be cleaned for a longer interval. And dry shampoo is better for curly hair.
the shortcoming of curly hair

it could be a very long time for comb your hair.
Ms Aloe curly hair
Ms Aloe sells all kinds of curly hair products, such as curly weave, curly hair lace closure, curly hair frontal and so on. They’re all made of 100% virgin human hair and they’re soft and thick. Choose the one you like.

water(wavy/wet) hairstyle

The water hair texture is the balance between straight hair and curly hair, so it looks more natural.
the advantages of water wave
The water hair has the most natural wave pattern, and it will give you a free temperament. After you wear it, it will make you look younger and more relaxed and carefree.
It is easier to clean than curly hair, just put it in warm water with shampoo and gently comb and clean it with your hands.
the shortcoming of water wave
It has a tendency to get curl because of its coarser texture and thickness. So wearer needs to be more careful in maintaining your hair.
Ms Aloe water wave
Ms Aloe sells many curly hair products for a different texture, such as water weave, water hair lace closure, water hair frontal and so on. They’re all made of 100% virgin human hair and they’re soft and thick. Choose the one you like. Not only that, they can be dyed to any color you like.

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