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Differences and similarities between closure and frontal

Hello, friends who love Ms Aloe hair products, I’m sure that when you first buy a hair product, you’ll wonder what a lace closure is and what a lace frontal is. What are the differences and similarities between them? Next, I will introduce to you one by one.

What exactly is closure?

There are three styles of closure, free part closure, middle part closure, 3 part closure. If you use raw materials to classify it into two main types, one is lace closure, the other is silk base closure. In standard cases, they are 4*4″ piece, 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. Among them, lace closure is made of swiss lace, while silk base closure is made from silk. Most people say that lace closure is good. In fact, it depends on your need. If you want a curly haircut, I recommend lace closure because it will give your hair a definite part. But if you want a middle part closure, I prefer silk because it looks more natural.

Ms Aloe sells many types of closure hair, such as straight lace closure, curly lace closure, body wave closure, wavy closure hair and so on. Because we are a manufacturer of direct sales, so not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the price is affordable. If you are interested, you can click to view the Ms Aloe Hair.

What exactly is frontal?

A frontal can cover the entire front, wrapping the entire head from ear to ear. The biggest difference between it and closure is that the standard size of a frontal is 13*4. According to the different materials, frontal can be divided into there main categories:

  • The first is the most perfect, and all the materials are lace frontal. If you don’t know how to wear it, I suggest you consult a hairstylist. Because you have to make sure that the whole lace frontal is flat so that you can stick it perfectly and sew it well. The detail you can look at the article “how to wear a lace frontal”.
  • The second is the silk and lace combination and the third is all silk, Relatively speaking, there are not many people wearing these two kinds of clothes.

Ms Aloe supply high-quality cheap lace frontal with multiple textures, like body wave lace frontal, curly lace frontal hair, straight hair with frontal and so on. We guarantee 100% virgin human hair, and the hair is soft and thick. No shedding and no tangle.

Difference between frontal and closure

The closure is a temple to temple, the standard size is 4*4 inches. The frontal is an ear to ear, the standard size is 13*4 inches. Frontal will give you more versatility as far as parting, so it may look more natural than closure.

Similar between frontal and closure

Both frontal and closure are used in the front part of hair products, in order to present a more beautiful and natural hairline.

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