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Some common mistakes that damage virgin hair weave

Human hair weave has become a very popular fashion decoration, more and more beautiful girls are using them to make themselves look more beautiful. Weave hair not only brought them beautiful hair but also brought confidence to them.In the process of using them, we should take care of them as well as our child. Because the correct maintenance of your human hair extension, not only can make them more healthy, soft, silky, shiny but also can extend their service life.

Do you think you have properly maintained them, and have you made any of the following common mistakes?

1. Can’t install your human hair extension correctly

If you can’t install your virgin hair extension in the right way, whether it is too loose or too tight, it will increase the pressure on your Brazilian extension hair, which will lead to hair shedding.

2. Always use styling products like hairspray

There is a lot of chemical impurities in those styling products, and they attach to your hair weave and can do great damage to your hair. Moreover, the use of styling products will increase the frequency of your shampoo, which will make your hair dry and glossy.

3. Irrationality cleaning and nursing your weave hair

If you don’t clean your human hair extension, it will get dirty, tangled and even smell bad. But if you wash too many times, it will make your Brazilian straight hair bundles dry, no moisture, no vitality. There is also a good use of conditioner to care for your virgin hair extension so that it will keep healthy and shiny.

4. Your Brazilian curly hair extension is not installed according to your actual situation

Because not all areas of the head have enough hair to support hair bundles, installing hair bundles in sensitive areas can damage your own hair and scalp. You’d better ask a professional hairdresser to help you avoid the sensitive areas on your head, which can relieve the pressure on your own scalp.

Well, yes, there are always a lot of details that we overlook, and these wrong practices can affect our experience with hair extension, so we have to take care of it carefully.

Ms Aloe supplies the best virgin hair extension, and they are all very healthy and elastic because they don’t undergo any perm, dye or other chemical treatment. If you can take good care of it, it will bring you beauty for 1-2 years.

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