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How to wash human hair extension worn on the head

How to wash human hair extension worn on the head

Now more and more girls are willing to spend money and time on human hair extension because it will not only bring them beauty but also give them confidence. But for high-quality virgin hair bundles with frontal or closure is not cheap, so we all want to make our virgin hair products can last longer. Usually, as long as we use and maintain our human hair weave correctly, it can bring us beauty for 1-2 years.

It is not easy to keep our virgin hair extension clean and silky when we wear it, so we must clean our virgin weave hair at the right time. So in today’s article, we will discuss how to properly clean our virgin hair bundles with closure or frontal worn on the head, how to maintain it, and some of the recommended star products.

The main steps:

  • 1. Don’t use cold water or overheated water to wash our hair. We should first use warm water to moisturize our hair, then use high-quality shampoo, shampoo on all parts of the hair gently washed. Be careful not to rub hard or squeeze your hair together so as to cause shedding or tangling.
  • 2. It is better to use a shampoo specially for human hair extension in the choice of shampoo. These shampoos can not only damage your hair extension very little but also lock the moisture of your hair. Here is a good brand to recommend to you. It is “Mane’ n Tail”, they have good shampoo and conditioner.
  • 3. Give your virgin hair bundles some nutrition. Use olive oil to provide a layer of grease protection for your hair, it can lock moisture in your hair. After rinsing the hair, apply olive oil evenly to the hair, especially the hair needs to be painted more. This ensures that your hair can maintain a water balance. Then rinse your closure hair thoroughly, and be careful not to neglect your own hair below the weft.
  • 4. After thoroughly rinsing your weave hair, use a clean dry towel to dry the hair. Blow dry with a hairdryer. Be careful to use low gear and try not to use hot air. If conditions permit, it is recommended to use some heat protectant in your hair first.
  • 5. Finally, you can comb your human hair bundles and make your favorite hairstyle. Try not to use styling products such as hairspray, which can increase the burden on your hair and reduce its working life.

Keeping our Peruvian hair weave healthy and silky is our ultimate goal, and proper use and regular maintenance is the key to achieving this goal. Today we introduce the correct method of cleaning the human hair extension worn on the head, hoping to help you.

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