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What is the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs, and how to distinguish them

human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs

In the last article, we introduced synthetic briefly, so that we can have a general understanding of it. But now there are some people who struggle with which type to choose when choosing a wig. Today let’s talk about the differences between them and which one fits you better.

Key differences between synthetic hair wigs and virgin human hair wigs:

  • 1. Use time. Usually, synthetic hair wig lasts 4-6 months, but if you can properly care for human hair wigs, it can last at least a year.
  • 2. Dyeing and felling. Although synthetic hair wig has many colors to choose from, it is difficult for it to dye other colors. In contrast, human hair wigs are mainly natural color, but it can easily be dyed to any color you like. Human hair wig feels softer than synthetic hair wig, and human hair wig is harder to knot and fade than synthetic hair wig.
  • 3. Raw materials. Human hair wigs are made of 100% virgin hair, and synthetic hair wigs are made of synthetic fiber, so human hair wig is more comfortable than synthetic hair wig. And for some people, there may be some mild anaphylaxis when wearing synthetic hair wigs.
  • 4. Styling. For some people, this is very important. You can’t use hot molding tools to straighten or curl the synthetic hair wig. But for human hair wigs, you can use a hot styling tool to design whatever you like, just like your own hair.
  • 5. Piece. In the same size and the same style, synthetic hair wig is much cheaper than human hair wig.
  • 6. Human hair wig looks more natural, it looks like it’s growing out of your own scalp. Unless you tell them, it’s hard for anyone to see that you’re wearing a wig.

It is already shown that human hair wig and synthetic hair wig differ in many ways, and how you choose them depends on your budget and the occasion you use them and your preferences, so make a reasonable choice based on your situation.

How do we distinguish them?

  • 1. Flame combustion test. The difference between real human hair and synthetic hair in burning is on smell and flame. Usually, when burning, the synthetic hair will produce a bright flame, but the human hair will only produce a wisp of smoke. What’s more, synthetic hair will produce a smell similar to plastic burning when it burns.
  • 2. Real human hair can be crushed after burning, but the ash from synthetic hair combustion will be hard to crush.
  • 3. Test with hot styling tools. Use a straightener to straighten your wig. If your wig can be straightened, it is made of real human hair. If your wig curls or melts, it is made of synthetic hair.

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