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I’ll give you a very clear guide to hair classification

Having beautiful hair can make girls stand out from the crowd, so beautiful hair is essential for every girl. However, there are a lot of girls in the purchase of hair weaves. However, when buying hair products, many girls will always feel a little powerless about too many options, it is difficult to choose the perfect style for their own.

In this article, you will understand that the following aspects can be used to distinguish different hair weaves.

1. According to the raw material of hair weaves

  • ordinary human hair

Ordinary human hair is of general quality. They may have been dyed, scalded, and modeled. Although they also have the most natural appearance and feel, and under normal maintenance can be used for more than a year. But ordinary human hair is still a little worse than virgin hair.

  • synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is the worst and cheapest hair used to make hair weaves. It is made of synthetic fiber, so hair weaves made from human hair is more comfortable than it is.

  • virgin hair

Virgin hair is the best quality and most expensive hair. It has the most natural appearance and softest touch. If you want to dye your hair or try more hairstyles, you can only choose 100% virgin hair. It doesn’t undergo any chemical treatment, so if you keep it properly, it can bring you beauty for about two years.

2. According to the material country of hair waves

  • Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is one of the best quality hair extension in human hair. And it is generally perfectly natural, without any perm or dye, so it is very soft and durable.

  • Malaysian hair

Malaysian hair has a very natural gloss and gives the wearer a luxurious feeling. If you want to dye your hair extension into other colors, it may perform better.

  • Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair is durable, so it is easier to make other hairstyles without damaging too many nutrients.

  • Indian hair

Indian hair is a natural wavy hair, and it is not easy to knot and fall off. The hair is very light, and it is slightly worse in shape.

3. According to the color of hair weaves

  • Natural color(#1B)

Many people are more interested in buying natural colors because the natural color looks more natural and it is easy to dye them if you want to.

  • Blond color(613)

This color is a more expensive type, which is generally consumed by high-income people.

  • Mixed color and other colors

The choice of these colors depends on personal preference.

4. According to the texture of hair weaves

There are many types of hair texture, such as straight hair bundles, curly hair lace closure, body wave lace frontal, loose wave hair extension, wavy wave weaves, kinky curly hair and so on. They all have their own characteristics.

5. According to the length of hair weaves

  • short hairstyle

Short hairstyle is easier to clean and maintain, and the price is relatively low relative to the long hairstyle. Short hairstyle mainly gives people a feeling of youth and fun, it makes you look more lively.

  • long hairstyle

Long hairstyle is easier to tangled together than short hairstyle. Long hairstyle can make more stylings and looks more mature and charming.

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