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How to make wigs and natural hairlines

Making wigs for everyday use is a difficult and time-consuming task, but many women are still interested in trying to make their own wigs, but you can do so as long as you have the right tools and enough tools. Be patient. This is how you do it.

Something you need

First, you need some basic knowledge to make a wig. The material mainly consists of a bowler hat, which you can choose according to the size of your head, needle/nylon thread, raw hair bundles, and seal.
This is a tutorial showing you how to make a lace closed wig step by step and how to easily make a natural hairline! Many of you want to know all this!

How to Make Wigs Gradually

  1. Get your lace front wig ready.

Pick out the proper ventilation needle, then measure the head, attach the pattern to the wig block, and cut it off. Finally, the lace is fixed to the wig block. Many women always ignore this step, which is why some girls’ wigs look unnatural in a way.

  1. The sewing.

Take raw hair weave it into loops, and then tie it into lace. You will need to use a ventilation tool to cut single or double hair strands made from only a few strands into the crevices of the lace foundation.
Hook the ring with a ventilation needle and push it into a gap in the base of the shoelace.
Tie a bunch of hair to the cotton edge of the gap. Make sure to tighten and close the knot completely to keep the hair in place. When tightening the knot, you need to pull the entire length of the knot over the knot.

  1. Change direction.

Once you reach the top of the lace front wig, divide it into six separate directions in your head and tie the hair bundle evenly in each direction. You should extend the two sections vertically down either side of the lace front wig, and the other four sections should be evenly spaced out between the first two sections.

  1. Cover ribbon and sew steel spring.

Turn the inside of the wig over and sew the hair bundle along the inside edge of the band to prevent them from coming out from the front. Using a needle and thread, short steel springs were sewn into the temples of the wig, around the neck and forehead. This will help the hair lift in a naturally pleasant way. The spring should be only a few turns wider, not visible from under the hair.

  1. Make and style wigs.

Sew all the pieces onto the hair, part the wig like normal hair, and then cut the hair into the desired style.

  1. Make the last choice.

Put on your lace front wig. It should be complete by now, but you can still make adjustments if you have any problems.

Tips: Wash lace front wigs regularly with wig shampoo, according to the wig manufacturer’s instructions. This will make the wig look fresh, shiny, and healthy.

Whether you’re wearing a wig because of hair loss or just want to play with a new hairstyle, learn how to put it on and style it. A lace wig with the right style and fit will look so natural that no one will guess it’s not your real hair. Come and show the beauty of your energy!

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