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How To maintenance Body Wave Hair Bundles

Good body wave hair care is crucial – it determines how long the body Wave hair lasts. The tangles of Remy hair and chemically stripped hair are smaller than those of non-Remy hair, but it’s important to note that all hair tangles can become tangles to some extent. Many celebrities are embracing body wave bundles because they make women’s hair thicker and thicker. Virgo’s Brazilian body bundle is gorgeous and natural, smooth and shiny, making you look great. You should take good care of your hair to ensure that it lasts a long time and does not damage your natural hair. Here are some tips you can follow to take care of your Body Wave bundle.

Here’s how to maintain your Brazilian Body Bundle dreadlocks:

To take care of your Brazilian Body Wave bundle, it’s important to knit professionally. Properly set your hair, it will be easy to care for and look great. If your human Body Wave bundle is not used properly, it may appear earlier than it should, or it may strain your natural hair, which can lead to excessive hair damage and breakage.

Start with the prompt and brush twice a day. When scrubbing a Body Wave, place the hair in the middle. Gently and slowly brush off the tangles at the ends until the top of the head. Don’t brush too hard, as this can cause hair to fall out (and cause curls to lose their curl). You can use a tangling brush or a wide-toothed comb to brush out tangles.

Keep the chemical process and the heat from curling, flat iron, and other overuses of the heating device to make the Body Wave bundle firm and soft. If you are going to use an iron on your hair, be sure to use a heat protection spray first.

Be sure to comb your hair before washing it. Gently wash your hair in warm water with a sulfate-free shampoo, taking care not to mess up your hair, which can cause tangles. If you are using a lot of products on your hair and it is not fixed on your head, soak it for 10 minutes. Rinse body Wave with warm water. Use a sulfate-free conditioner and remember not to curl your hair. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. For conditioning care, wrap the body Wave and hair bundle in a silk scarf before going to bed in the evening.

Dry body wave bundles in Brazil with thick towels. Pat dry rather than wipe. If you must use a hair dryer, you must heat it absolutely frequently to avoid damaging the original Brazilian Body Wave bundle. Use a wide-toothed comb or braid brush to carefully comb and shape the hair. Work slowly section by section so that pulling or pulling may lead to fracture. If the hair bundle or scalp is dry, apply light oil or moisten the scalp during combing.

We suggest you air dry your hair. Gently pat the body Wave’s hair upright with a dry towel. If using a hair dryer, always use a medium heating setting.

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