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How to choose the right lace wig?

There are all kinds of lace wigs on the market, offering all kinds of quality, hair texture, color…A double-edged sword, of course. While offering more options, it makes the choice more difficult. It’s important to learn how to choose the right lace wig. It’s a little complicated, but don’t worry.Ms Aloe Hair has summarized this into a few simple steps.

There is 100% human hair on the market, and synthetic hair is the two main types. The original hair is the highest quality of unprocessed and unaltered human hair. It has not been dyed, ironed, bleached or chemically treated. To achieve the different textures, Ms Aloe Hair gently vapors the Hair to create beautiful, elastic waves and curly textures. Natural hair costs more than other human hair. But it lasts a long time and looks more natural and realistic. Synthetic hair, by contrast, is not human, is cheap but looks fake and can become messy after repeated use. Actually, we don’t sell artificial Hair on the Ms Aloe Hair website. We only sell 100% human Hair to ensure quality and longevity.

The best quality is 10A and the price is very high in the market. In general, 8A is one of the most affordable and of the highest quality on the market. You may have noticed that some hair vendors rate their cheap hair as 8A, 10A, or even 20A. Crazy and unbelievable. We all know that we got what we had to pay for!

Water wave wigs, straight hair wigsbody wave wigs, deep wave wigs…Please determine the type of hair you are looking for. Our popular hair texture is water wave. The best-selling wig is the long, wavy wig.

If you only want a normal wig and a normal wig, natural black is fine for most clients. If you want, you can also dye it the color number 27 yourself. If you are sure to use a colorful wig, you can order your favorite colors, such as 613,  27,  99j, red, blue, purple…Especially if you want to dye your wig in another color, the 613 blonde wigs are the best choice. It can be dyed a darker color than itself.
Note, however, that the lace wig should be properly kept and colored in a dark color.

Different wigs have different parting Spaces.If you prefer a deep separation space, it is better to choose a 6 inch lace wig, such as 13 x 6 lace wig, 6 x 6, 2 x 6 or 360 lace wig; if you want more space to separate your whole hairline, a lace front wig is a good choice. For example, a lace front wig can be 13 x 4/13 x 6/36/370. If you want to do a ponytail, you can choose wigs with more space, such as 360 or 370 lace front wigs, full lace wigs; if you do not need that wide and deep separation space, you can choose lace closed wigs, or 4 x 4/5 x 5/6 x 6 lace closed wigs.

A good hair wig mirror the head. It’s dense above the head, getting thinner and thinner from start to finish. In addition, layering is a very important function for natural and realistic wigs. The whole wig with the same density is not very good, but very clumsy and fake. Typically, hair providers offer a hair density range of 130% to 250%. After seeing the detail density of the wig, you just need to choose the general density according to your preference. Most of the girls gave us the feedback that 180% were the most natural girls, not too thin, not too fat. However, if you want to look complete, consider 200% or 250%, especially for long breaks.

Lace is another criterion that cannot be ignored.Thin and soft lace is best.As for the color of lace, you should choose according to your skin tone. Lace has four main colors: medium brown lace, light brown lace, transparent laceHD lace wigs. Medium brown lace works with dark complexions, and light brown lace works with light complexions. Clear lace for most skin tones, hd lace for all. With similar display effect, transparent lace has a high cost performance, so now very popular.Therefore, transparent lace wigs are cheaper and last longer than HD lace wigs.

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