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Haircare Brazilian Curly Weave Mistakes

Human hair weaving has become a symbol of fashion and beauty, and more and more women are trying to use hair weaving to show their beauty. It’s like cloth. Most women probably know very well how to maintain hair extensions, they can not only make you charming but also can extend the life of primitive man weave. Although do you know the knowledge of hair care is ok? No, no, no, there are some common mistakes, and those are cave Brazilian curly hair extensions that you don’t know about and you probably do all the time. Fortunately, I will share it with you today. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Wrong installation type. There are many different methods of installation and hair receiving; Fast weaving or bonding. Installation techniques vary depending on the type of hair extension, and some hair braids are best suited for sewing – but can be tailored to your habits, such as Samantha’s photo on the left. The wrong type of installation can make you look less than ideal and the pressure on your hair can cause or cause hair loss. Your stylist should be able to recommend the best type of installation for the look and function you want to achieve.
  2. Fail to wash/care for your hair. Hair extensions will not naturally emit a bad smell – but unwashed hair and scalp will give off a bad smell. This page has tutorials on how to wash Peruvian weft hair, as well as many tutorials on hair care products, this is to use these substances to save the world from the stench! You still need to clean and tone your hair while knitting. The main focus is on the scalp. Clean and tone your hair with a conditioner at least every 10 days to keep the scalp clean and moist. Too much time between cleaning and conditioning can cause hair to become flat.
  3. Take too long to braid your hair. Because braiding makes life so convenient, it’s easy to see why some women indulge in it. Keeping a good weave will not only lead to poor appearance but also damage your hair. In addition to taking too long to knit, some women go straight from one style of knitting to another, never allowing their scalp or real hair to take hours to see daylight. Constant braided wear can cause damage to the scalp (especially the edges). Do yourself a favor and learn how to manage your hair without knitting.
  4. The hair extension is not in a good position. If you see the hair is placed in the hair or see the clip in the hair extension… It doesn’t look very good. Certain areas of the head should not be placed to avoid seeing the extensions and to avoid damaging the hair. Not all areas of the head have strong enough hair to be permanently fixed. Talk to your stylist to make sure they understand your styling needs and sensitive areas so that extensions are not placed too poorly. Many people don’t realize this fact until they apply for extensions. When they realize the promise of care, they may regret having regretted it in the first place.
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