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A good way to wear a lace front wigs

lace front Wigs are very popular among black women. Their own hair doesn’t grow long. In order to meet the aesthetic needs of the times, she needs lace front wigs to dress herself, pursue fashion and make herself more beautiful. Black women wearing lace front wigs are not only representatives of aesthetics and fashion, but also representatives of economic strength. lace front Wigs are generally not cheap. But there are also many black women who don’t know how to wear lace front wigs and waste their hair. So today I want to share with you some ways to wear lace front wigs, hoping to provide some help.

Today’s topic is how to wear a lace front wig in good ways. The first step is to clean the lace front wig, If you don’t wash the lace front wig, it’s easy to tangle, lose hair, and become dry so finally can’t be used. The second step is to put the human hair wig in front and back, turn your forehead forward and cover your hair with your hands. Make sure that the wig has been put in the correct place. The third step is to brush your hair back and see if you can see it. This step is to make sure that the hair is smooth or not no tangle. The fourth step is to draw a pose around the human hair wig, especially the ears and wrists. The fifth step, if you want the hair looks more natural after installed the lace front wig, you need to make a deep condion for the hair.

Now do you know how to put on a lace front wig? It is important that the shape of the lace front wig is often selected, purchased, and selected. If you don’t have makeup, your lace front wig won’t look good either. Also, if you don’t use the right method to care for your hair, the lace front wig will wear out very quickly and its life will be shortened. Do you know how to care for the human hair wig? Here is the correct way to care for the human hair wig.

  1. wash and condition the human hair wig regularly (about 3-5 days one time)
  2. Detangle hair gently(with WIDE THOTH COMB) before washing.Do not rub and twist hair.
  3. Add mild shampoo to warm water and swish hair until clean. Take a small amount of hair conditioner dissolved in warm water, then put the hair inside, soak out after 5 minutes.
  4. Blot excess water with a towel and allow hair to dry naturally. Do not expose to the sun.
  5. Don’t brush hair when it is still wet! Comb the hair gently with your fingers. Do not brush and for the wavy and curly, use some hair gel to help holding the texture after washing.
  6. Brush straighter hair in a downward motion straight with the ends. Work your way up to the roots.
  7. Avoid overuse of hot curlers and flat-irons, which will shorten the life of hair, when perming or dyeing the hair, use some nutrition water or a protectant.

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