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Why is our hair extension very easy to shedding and how to prevent it

Now more and more girls like to use human hair extension to increase the length of their hair, which will not only bring them beauty but also bring them confidence. However, in the process of using human hair extensions, everyone will encounter different problems.

Hair shedding is one of the more common problems, many girls feel helpless, do not know how to solve and prevent this problem. As a well-known hairdresser, today we’re going to talk about what mistakes you made in the use of 100% virgin hair extension, and at the end of the day, we’ll give you some tips for avoiding hair shedding.

What are the wrong ways to cause hair shedding?

  1. When the hair gets tangled, use your comb to comb your virgin hair bundles too hard, which may tear some hair off. You should simply comb your virgin hair bundles with your hands, then apply conditioner to it to make it as smooth and soft as possible, so that when you use a comb to comb your human hair weave, you can reduce hair shedding.
  2. Incorrect hair coloring and perming, and no subsequent maintenance can lead to dry your virgin hair extension without moisture, very easy to break and shed.
  3. Did not tidy up your human hair extension before the evening break. When you roll over or move, you can pull your virgin hair bundles and cause it to shed and break.
  4. Use glue when installing your lace closure hair or lace frontal hair extension. If you cannot use glue properly to install lace closure hair or lace frontal hair, you may destroy the lace above hair extension.
  5. And even if you don’t buy high-quality human hair extension, different quality human hair weave also has different effects on preventing hair shedding. For example, the weft of lace closure hair can be one layer instead of two layers, so that not only does not affect the appearance but also can help the merchant save a raw material cost, but it will greatly discount the quality of lace frontal hair extension, hair shedding will be more likely to occur. This is also a method adopted by some manufacturers to lower the price.

In the above article, we briefly introduced some cause of hair shedding. As long as you use the right method, your human hair extension will not produce too much shedding. But if you keep your human hair weave carefully, but still keep shedding, don’t hesitate to throw away your hair bundles and choose a better one, such as Ms Aloe virgin hair extension.

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