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Why does rainwater damage our hair extension and how to prevent it in the rainy season

Every time it rains, it will not only make us lazy, but also rain will damage your hair extension. Every time you get to the rainy season, you need to be more careful with your hair weaves. Today we will discuss why you need to be more careful with your virgin hair bundles, and some tips for maintaining human hair products during the rainy season.

First, why care more about your virgin hair extensions in the rainy season?

  • 1. Influence on hairstyle. During the rainy season, not only the air is humid, but also you are more or less wet by the rain. This will affect the hairstyle of your virgin hair extension and make your virgin hair weave tangled.
  • 2. Cause hair curl. When it rains during the rainy season, the air is humid, and your virgin hair bundles absorbs water and swells, which makes your closure hair curly and cluttered.
    Damage the natural nutrition of your hair weaves.
  • 3. If your hair extension get wet through the rain, it will seriously damage the natural nutrition of your virgin hair extension. Because rainwater contains a lot of acidic sustances and other impurities, exposure to your Brazilian straight hair bundles will deprive your hair bundles of moisture and natural nutrients, making your hair extension dull and rough.

In rainy season, how to protect your real human hair product from rain?

  • 1. Properly increase the number of times you wash your hair extension. Because the rain is filled with a lot of dust and other impurities that accumulate on your hair bundles and your scalp, you should properly increase the number of times you clean your hair to ensure that your hair extension is clean.
  • 2. Use mild cleaning shampoo. If you use a mild cleaning shampoo, you can wash away as much impurities as possible without damaging your hair weave.
  • 3. Don’t tight hairstyle. Too tight hairstyle is more likely to cause fizzy and tangled hair. Loose hairstyle and short hairstyle is easier to clean and care.
  • 4. Proper drying. Because of wet weather, the air is humid, which is not good for dry hair. If you can’t dry your hair extension for a long time, this will affect your Brazilian curly hair bundles with frontal, as this time you can properly use a hair dryer to gently blow dry. But do not use hot air and strong wind.
  • 5. Timed combing. In the rainy season, regular use of wide tooth comb to comb your hair extension, so as to prevent entanglement and hair curl.
  • 6. Try to avoid your 100% vrigin hair weave touching rainwater. The easiest way to protect your Brazilian body wave lace frontal from rain is to do a good job of waterproofing and try not to expose your hair extension to rain.

Today we share some of the reasons why we need to take care of our Ms aloe 100% virgin hair extension more carefully during the rainy season and some of the things we need to pay attention to while maintaining our hair weave

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