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What makes your human hair wig lose its vitality

When you wear your human hair wig, it will become dry, it will become dull, it will become tangled and difficult to comb. My God, why do we have these problems? The reason is that the wig hair is affected by the environment and leads to the loss of nutrients.
Hair is a free-living thing. Compared to hair growing on one’s own head, human hair on wigs becomes more vulnerable to environmental damage because it can’t get the nourishment of one’s own body. The better the quality of the human hair wig you buy, the more you need to maintain them so they can last longer. But it is regrettable that no matter how good the care is, it can not prevent the damage of time.
Today we will look at some of the factors that hurt your human hair wig, and how to revitalize your human hair wig.

What causes your human hair wig to become dry and tangled together? There may be many reasons here:

  • 1. Maybe the wigs you’ve buying is low quality or fake. It is not made of 100% virgin hair. Maybe it’s been ironed and the hair’s got really bad. Then in a few days, your human hair wigs will become lifeless.
  • 2. Use the shampoo containing sulphate, which will take away the natural oils and moisture from your human hair wig.
  • 3. After being wet by the rain, there is no timely cleaning and care for your human hair wig, because the rain contains acidic substances and other magazines.
  • 4. Incorrect style and dyeing. Using incorrect methods will greatly damage the nutrition of wig hair. Even if the method is correct, there should be no excessive hair coloring or styling.

Here are some ways to help you recover your wig, as long as you can do it carefully, it will restore your human hair wigs to some vitality.

  • Before washing your hair, use natural oils, such as grape seed oil or coconut oil, to simply comb your virgin hair wig. In addition, you can also use some moisturizing conditioner on your hair and wrap your bathroom cap around your human hair wig for about half an hour. This allows your wig to absorb some nutrients
  • Clean your human hair wig with a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo, gently comb your fingers and remove the dirt.
  • Use conditioner to moisturize your human hair wig. After cleaning your wig, apply conditioner to your virgin hair of the wig and comb your human hair wig with your fingers so that your hair can evenly absorb conditioner nutrients. After a few minutes, rinse your human hair wig thoroughly.
  • If there are conditions, use deep conditioning fluid to adjust your human hair wig.
  • When you dry your human hair wig, do not expose it to the sun, nor dry it with a hot blower. After cleaning, you should put it on the table and dry it in a cool place.

Often your human hair wig recovery is difficult, so the correct maintenance of it can really extend its life and keep its health and luster.
Ms Aloe specializes in the production and sale of high-quality human hair wigs, our raw materials of human hair wigs are 100% virgin hair, so they are healthy and glossy. As mentioned above, the higher and quality of human hair wigs, the more it needs to be maintained, so in order to keep our virgin hair of wigs always soft and bright, we must use human hair wig correctly.

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