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What is remy hair non remy hair virgin hair human hair

There are many beautiful girls around the world who have one or more beautiful human hair extensions, and weave hair is becoming more and more popular.
Although many girls have bought or learned about real hair extension, they still mistakenly believe that all real hair types are the same, such as human hair, virgin hair, remy hair, non remy hair and so on. Today we will talk about what these types mean.


What is virgin hair?
Each genuine virgin hair extension comes from the same donor, so they are all the same without dyeing, perming or other chemical treatment. So they have natural appearance and touch. Usually, the real virgin hair is remy hair.

What is remy hair?
Remy is also 100% human hair, but the difference is that some remy hair may be permed, dyed or chemically treated. And remy hair requires manual rearrangement by the worker, but 100% virgin hair does not need this process, because virgin hair itself is an aligned remy hair.

What is non remy hair?
Non remy hair because the price is very cheap, it is also very popular with consumers, and it is also very easy to buy. It differs mainly from remy hair in that its hair tips and hair roots are mixed together, which means that the hair moves in different directions, which increases friction between the hairs and makes it easier to dry and knot.

What is ordinary human hair?
Ordinary human hairs are usually collected from barbershops around the world. Most of them are permed or dyed, and their roots and tips are mixed together, so they are much cheaper than remy hair.

What is the relationship between them?
They all have their own characteristics and different ways of collecting. Virgin hair is the best quality, the highest price, the most natural real hair, all the real virgin hair is remy hair, it can be said that virgin hair is one special remy hair. Remy hair and non remy hair are opposites. They all undergo perming, dyeing or other chemical treatments. Ordinary human hair is non remy hair, which is dyed and permed, and its hair tips and hair roots are mixed randomly. So ordinary human hair is non remy hair.

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