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What are synthetic hair and human hair and how to distinguish them

What are synthetic hair and human hair and how to distinguish them

For girls, boys may fall in love with you at first sight because you attract people’s eyes, or they may fall in love with you because you have beautiful thick hair, so it is very important for girls to have beautiful hair. However, not all girls can have healthy and thick hair. They always dry, split, or even shed their hair for a variety of reasons. If there is a need, there will be a market. The emergence of real natural human hair extension can help you solves this simple little problem.
Before you buy hair extension, you first need to understand that the hair extensions in the market are divided into different categories by raw materials, mainly real human hair, synthetic hair and their mix. If you want a more natural looking hairstyle, you should choose real human hair extension. But the question is, what are their respective characteristics and how to distinguish them? Today we will briefly elaborate on the above issues.
What is the synthetic hair and what feature does it have?

  • Synthetic hair is mainly made of synthetic fibers, which have a similar appearance to human hair, but no one feels it. They are mainly designed to be the clip in hair extension, so they don’t need to stay on your own hair for a long time.
  • Synthetic hair extension also has some advantages, such as being very easy to take care of, they can be very strong to maintain their style, and they have many different colors and styles. The most important thing is that they are really cheap.

What is the real human hair and what feature does it have?

  • High-grade human hair comes from 100% virgin hair, so they have the most natural appearance and the most authentic touch. They are usually designed as human weave hair, to give the most natural hairline, giving a sense of hair growing out of their scalp. Here are some popular styles, such as Brazilian straight hair bundles with closure, Indian wavy hair bundles, Malaysian curly hair bundles with frontal and so on.
  • Real human hair has many advantages, they are soft, silky and shiny. Because they are expensive compared to synthetic hair and they are pure natural hair, we need to take care of them more carefully so they can stay healthy and silky.

How do you distinguish them?

  • 1. The simplest thing is to see with the naked eye in the sun, synthetic hair reflects more light than real human hair. But this method is hard to see now.
  • 2. Combustion test. Take a strand of synthetic hair and human hair burned separately, they burned different colors of flame, synthetic hair has obvious flame and human hair does not. There is also a kind of pungent smell when synthetic hair is burning, just like burning plastic. However, this method has no effect on protein synthetic hair.
  • 3. At present, the most effective method is a dyeing test, because no matter how good the synthetic hair is, it can not dye other colors.

Ok, so much is introduced today. I hope I can help you. By the way, Ms Aloe produces and sells the best quality real human hair extension, all made of 100% virgin hair. They are very silky, glossy and natural. You are welcome to visit our website for details.

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