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Something you should know about washing your virgin hair products

virgin hair products

For all women, beautiful hair is a great attraction to the opposite sex, so girls, you must wash your hair properly to keep your virgin hair extension soft and shiny.

Why do we wash our real human hair weave regularly?

  • 1. In daily use of your human hair bundles, there will be a lot of dust and sundries in the air covering your straight hair bundles, which will make your straight hair bundles look dim.
  • 2. As time goes on, your lace front wig will get tangled up because it is too dirty.
  • 3. If not regularly cleaning and maintenance, will greatly reduce the life of your 100% virgin hair weave.
  • 4. If you don’t wash your hair extension regularly, it will become greasy and smell, which may affect your image.
  • 5. Most importantly, only after cleaning your human hair weave can you use hair care products to supplement your human hair weave moisture and nutrients. Only in this way can you keep your human hair product healthy and beautiful.

What kind of hair shampoo should be chosen?

  • Some people value their own cleanliness very much, so they always wash their hair with an astringent shampoo every day, which can cause your hair to become dry and damaged.Because your virgin hair lace frontal doesn’t get nutrients from your body like your own natural hair, don’t wash your virgin hair lace closure like your own natural hair.
  • When buying shampoo, check to see if its ingredients contain chemicals such as sulphuric sulfate, alcohol, and salts, because these ingredients can damage the nutrition and water content of your virgin hair extension, your hair will lose shine.
  • So we should choose a sulfate-free shampoo, most of these shampoos don’t destroy the natural oil on your virgin hair bundles, and won’t destroy healthy of your virgin hair wave.
The last thing to note is that you can not wash your hair excessively, nor can you wash it too hard. In the next article, I will share with you how long it is best to clean your 100% virgin hair weave once.

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