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Install your full lace wigs with glue

Full lace human hair wig is much more beautiful and expensive than lace front wig because it takes more time and more raw materials to make it. This type of wig uses a full lace, so it looks more natural, is very versatile, and is more flexible in styling.
For a more beautiful appearance, it takes more time and energy. Full lace virgin hair wig is relatively troublesome to install. Today we are going to talk about how to install full lace wigs correctly without glue.

The following steps are detailed:

  • 1. What preparations should be made before installation? First of all, clean your hair and forehead and wait for them to dry naturally. Then spray the scalp protectant on your head as a barrier between your skin and the wig binder. Use a brush to spread the wig adhesive evenly over the area where the lace will adhere and wait for the adhesive to dry. After applying the adhesive, put the front part of your full lace human hair wig on your forehead and press it hard with your hands. Fixing the two sides of the wig to the corresponding area.
  • 2. If your full lace human hair wig is worn for the first time, you need to use a sharp clipper to carefully trim the lace outside the hairline. When cutting, you can cut a little at a time to avoid cutting too much.
  • 3. Use a cotton ball soaked with alcohol to wipe the skin around your hairline. This is to clean the oil on your skin to make the lace stick better.
  • 4. Press the edge of the wig on the skin of the corresponding area with your hands. Start from the middle of the forehead and stick it along the hairline until the whole full lace synthetic hair wig is attached the hairline.
  • 5. Finally, take the wig off and style your wig. For example, separate the middle of your full lace virgin hair wig, find the hairline, and paint something with the same color as your skin tone to make your human hair wig look more natural.

Today we are going to show you how to use glue to install your 360 human hair wigs. Every step is very important. You have to do it carefully to make your full lace human wig look natural and realistic.

Ms Aloe produces many kinds of high-quality wigs, such as Brazilian lace front human hair wig deep wave, lace front human hair straight, full lace human hair body wave ear to ear and so on. They are all made of 100% virgin hair, so they are very soft and easy to style. Interested friends can learn more about it.

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