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What are the characteristics of remy human hair wigs, synthethic wigs, lace front wigs and full front wigs

Today we briefly introduce some of the most popular wig types and their respective characteristics, hoping to help you understand wigs in more detail.

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The wig is one of the most popular ornaments in the world today. Beautiful hair is very important to all girls. However, their hair becomes less beautiful for a variety of reasons, but a suitable wig can solve these problems, which has spawned the rise of the wig industry.

Wigs are made from human hair, animal hair, synthetic fibers or their mixture, which is handmade by workers and finally made into a popular decoration in the world.

The wig can be divided into many different types through raw materials and hairstyles. Today we’re going to talk about some of the more popular types on the market and see what each has. They are synthetic wigs, remy human hair wigs, full lace wigs and lace frontal wigs respectively.

Remy human hair wigs

The main feature of remy human hair wigs is that the material used in this type of wig is virgin hair without any chemical treatment, and each hair tip and hair root in remy human hair wigs are along the same direction, so remy human hair wigs feels more soft, and not easy to tangle.

Full lace wigs

Full lace wig is one of the most expensive types of wig because it takes longer to make. Usually, a piece of full lace wig takes a silled worker three to five days to complete the crocheting process of full lace wig. And it costs more raw materials. However, full lace wig can give you the most perfect and natural hairline, so I’m willing to buy full lace wig even for more money.

Synthetic wigs

The main raw material of synthetic wigs is synthetic fiber. Synthetic wig has many advantages, such as durability, easy cleaning, more styles to choose, and the price is very cheap, so synthetic wigs is very popular among low-income people. However, synthetic wig also has some disadvantages, such as wearing it is not more comfortable than human hair wigs, and some people may have some allergic reactions.

Lace frontal wigs

The appearance of lace frontal wigs is very similar to full lace wigs, but it looks not more natural than full lace wigs. Lace frontal human hair wig designs a lace for the wearer’s entire forehead. Sticking the lace to the front of the head when you wear it gives the illusion that the hair grows out of your scalp. If you don’t look at it carefully, you can’t see it.

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