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How to wear short wigs

No matter be real human hair or the short curly wig that artificial hair, with long time using can be polluted, and become dirty. Accordingly, before using short curly wig, it had better to sew mat a hair net in hair cover, it will be helpful to fix the wig and keep the wig cap cleaning.

Short curly wigs should be washed every 3-7 days. Before washing the short curly wigs, need to use coarse tooth soft brush or thin tooth woodcomb to comb gently from top to bottom, brush dirt, dust clean. Put the wig into dissolve the warm water that has detergent next (water temperature is 25-30 degrees), immerse 10 minutes hind to rinse gently with the hand, when rinsing, usable comb goes the glue on hairpiece. Be careful not to rub a short curly wig in water to prevent it from falling off and breaking. Finally reoccupy clear water rinses short roll hairpiece clean, wipe gently with dry towel blot the moisture on hairpiece, give hairpiece bespeak a few hair breast, hang in ventilated place natural air is dried, reoccupy curler is fixed or blow wind finalize the design. If not often used, can be packed in plastic bags sealed collection.

In addition, wig can be based on the user’s requirements, just like the treatment of hair trim and perm dyeing, finishing a satisfactory hairstyle. When wearing the short curly wig every day, you can use a soft sparerib brush and a large wood comb with thin teeth to comb gently according to the hair style requirements. If do not need temporarily, usable hairpin is pressed corrugator direction clip is fixed; Before going to bed, want to cover short curly false hair take off, tidy up put ventilated place.

How to protect the scalp when wearing short curly wigs?
After wearing a short curly wig, because the head is like wearing a thick hat, so that the scalp heat, and heat is a catalyst, can accelerate the metabolism of the scalp. Therefore, scalp is easy to sweat, and secrete more oil, become more greasy. In people with a tendency to dandruff, wearing short, curly wigs can make symptoms worse.
So, the person that short roll wears wig had better wash a head every night, clear the greasy, bilge on the head, in order to protect the cleanness of scalp, hair, sanitation.

Short curly wigs different from straight short wigs, short straight wigs is easy to maintain, if you take a good care for the short straight short wigs, and make deep condition for it, the hair will last for a long time, and keep straight and looks well. The short curly wigs have tight curls, if you do not take good care for it, maybe it will bomb, tangle and shed a lot. But it is possible to make the deep condition for short curly wigs, because it will keep the hair moisture and looks great. But if you like, both of them will be perfect.

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