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How to Prevent Human Hair Wig to Fall Off

Would a human hair wig blow off if you asked? This problem I will tell you the past and modern fashion wig production have very different, this can be seen from the material, the lace wig caps, including most USES is plastic and hemp rope and clip, it from the Angle of the security and fidelity and fastness are not pass, so if in the past you ask wig will be blown away by the wind? This is a question that must be asked, because the quality of the time is really not impressive.

Today’s fashion human hair wig USES is the latest high-end technology USES hundred human hair body artificial knits, net of hair smooth complete technology, exquisite to micro mm units, so to make fashion human hair wig not only on the fidelity in comfort is didn’t have to say more, but have to ask the strong degree, now wig fixed effect is good, because you don’t have to worry about after tailored completes the wig by the wind blows away the risk, because that is you grow a wig.

When it comes to the care of modern human hair wigs, hair-like wigs are characterized by softness, elasticity and authenticity. But after washing will be deformed, need to carry on modelling processing. Washing method: soak the wig with water, soak in the warm water containing shampoo, gently rub with the hand, wash dirt; Rinse off the foam with water, then use conditioner. After washing the human hair wig out, with a dry towel by gently suction moisture, the wig on the wooden support, comb smooth. Use cold water or lukewarm water to clean wig commonly, when washing, had used general shampoo, can cooperate general protect hair element. How to wash a human hair wig? The wig that wash clean as far as possible do not use blower and so on high temperature wind is blown dry, apply dry towel to suck the redundant moisture on hairpiece gently reoccupy ventilated place, avoid sunshine to bask in to cause damage to hairpiece directly. Don’t comb the wig immediately after washing. You should wait until it dries. Do not pull the wig if it is too long to tie and comb. A non-oily hairpiece should be sprayed and opened slowly and carefully. Do not spray on the wig gel water, wax and other real hair styling agent, so that the wig will become sticky.

According to the need of hairstyle undertake dish is rolled make flower or hairdryer finalize the design. Hair qualitative wig needs new modelling after every time catharsis, can use all sorts of carding tools according to the need of hairstyle. The styling of hair-like wigs should be mostly carried out on brackets, but repeated attempts should be made to cover the wearer’s head during the operation to make the hair style fit for the face. Still have is the time that combs a wig had better use wide wood comb, such can avoid to injure the wig that the human hair body makes effectively.

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