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How to Nursing burgundy hair

How to Nursing burgundy hair

What do you wash burgundy hair fades quickly

  1. High temperature shampoo will aggravate discoloration;
  2. Shampoo your hair with a strong cleansing shampoo.
  3. If you don’t use hair conditioner after cleaning your hair, the color will drop faster.

Wine Red Hair Nursing Tips

1. Use cold air when blowing hair

Hair care before blowing

High temperature can easily cause hair fading. Before using hair dryers and curling bars, heat-resistant hair care products should be used first. These products will be activated after contacting heat, thus forming protective film on hair and reducing fading.
When blowing your hair, use a towel to squeeze the moisture out of your hair as much as possible. Don’t rub it back and forth.

Then the hair dryer with intelligent temperature control technology, collagen technology and nano-ion technology can be used to blow the hair to semi-dry and semi-wet state, which can replenish moisture, reduce damage and maintain hair quality.

Tips: Rinse and blow-dry along the direction of hair growth, conducive to the closure of hair scales, do not blow the hair upside down.

2. Skin should also be sunscreen

Long exposure can make hair more fragile, and is not conducive to maintaining hair color, while prone to dry, bifurcated, knotted situation will be more serious. Especially in summer, hair is directly attacked by ultraviolet radiation, so sunscreen is very important.

You can spray the essential oil maintenance spray with SPF before going out. It can smooth the impatience and form a protective film. At the same time, the repair after sunburn is indispensable. Choose the hair conditioner with lock color effect and grease film to repair. Of course, wearing a hat is also a good way to protect your hair from sunshine.

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