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How to care for dyed wigs

Buy a wigs that lets you love actually and not easy, how to prolong the service life of beloved wig better, this needs the correct cleaning method that understands wig in detail.

Correct cleaning methods for dyed wigs:

  1. Before washing the wigs, put the dyed wig on end and comb the wigs smoothly with a wooden scomb with loose teeth.
  2. Turn the dyed wig inside out and expose the inner wig cover for easy cleaning.
  3. Mix shampoo in cold water until it bubbles, then soaks hair in water for 2-3 minutes to avoid long periods of soaking and avoid using hot water for cleaning.
  4. The cleaning method also wants to pay special attention to, do not use the method of rubbing to wash the dyed wig, the correct method should be the way of using pressure.
  5. After using the method of pressure to clean the wig, on the full rinse, after adding hair conditioner in the water to dye the wig in the same immersion in water 2-3 minutes, do not need to rinse again!
  6. Gently press and dry the wigs with a dry towel and leave it in the room to dry naturally. Do not use a hairdryer to dry the wig.
  7. Dry thoroughly, the use of wood comb gently comb, synthetic fiber wigs do not want to wig is still in a wet state to comb it, this will make the wig curls drop, and another synthetic fiber and human hair combination of the wig can be in the case of half wet comb.
  8. Don’t comb your fake hair right after you wash it. You should wait until it dries.
  9. Comb your hair with a special comb for fake hair (prices vary in stores). Don’t comb your hair with a plastic comb.
  10. Roll the hair do not use a comb, the place of roll every time is good after finishing with the hand it is okay.
  11. As a general rule, dyed wigs should be washed once a week when worn.
  12. To make your hair look smoother and brighter, spray hair sprays on your hair after it dries.

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It’s important to wash and care for your wigs to make them look better and make them look better when worn.

The benefits of wigs

  1. wearing wigs can play a role in appearance modification, change hair style is simple and convenient, save time;
  2. can avoid perm, color, pull hair damage to hair quality;
  3. can save on hair salon hair, bleaching and dyeing expenses, reduce expenses;
  4. wigs can be changed at will, to avoid often going to the barber to do hair damage;
  5. you can try a variety of different hair designs, with different lines of fashion, so wearing wigs is increasingly popular in green.

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