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Sewing in hair extension with closure

Virgin hair weave enthusiasts, today we’re going to talk about the details of how to sew in hair weave with closure, as long as you read this tutorial, you won’t at least make some low-level mistakes.
The following steps are detailed. Every step is crucial:

  • 1. Prepare the right needle and thread.

When we sew in virgin hair weave with closure, we need a needle that can come directly back out of the braid after it through the braid. In order to have the above ability, the shape of this needle is very special, it is a kind of curved shape, yes, it is the C-shaped needle is also called a curved needle.
Besides, you need to prepare some sewing thread. In order to make your sewing look less obvious, you should use the sewing thread with the same color as your human hair bundles with closure.
Finally, you need a haircut scissors.

  • 2. Something before sewing your wig cap

Before you sew in a wig cap, wash your hair well. Because you need wear a wig cap for a period of time, so make sure your hair and scalp are dry. It is best to use some conditioner. Hair is plaited after drying.

  • 3. Sew in your wig cap

Put your wig cap on your head and make sure that wig cap can cover all the braids on your head. Next, we’ll sew in wig cap on each of your braids in turn with a needle and thread, and then cut the rest with a pair of small scissors.

  • 4. Sew in hair extensions on your wig cap step by step

Before sewing the closure, hair extension is stitched to wig cap from the back and sides of your head.

Place the lace closure in the center of your head to ensure that the straight edges are aligned with your hairline. Among the hairline, lace closure is stitched to wig cap in sequence.
In this article, we briefly introduced the preparation of the right needle, sewing wig cap and sewing in lace closure, hoping to help you.

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