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Dye and perm, which one will cause more damage to your hair extension

Now more and more girls are willing to spend time and money on their hair, so human hair extension is becoming more and more popular among girls of different skin colors in the world. Often the human hair extension or human hair wig is a natural color, but there are some beautiful fashion girls who like to go to the hairdresser’s salon to help them redesign the hair human hair extension.

Dyeing and perming are the most common ways to make your Brazilian straight hair bundles lace closure look different, but it is well known that both of these operations destroy the natural hair tissue of your human hair weave, so which one is more damaging to your hair?

The usual perm process is to change the style of the hair in a hot fashion, so it will make your hair extension dry, even bifurcate, but it will not cause too much damage to your scalp. However, hair dyeing is the use of hair dyes to change the color of hair pigments, and dyes can damage the scalp, and even lead to hair shedding. Therefore, hair dye may cause more damage to human hair extension.

When dye hair, hairstylists use not only softeners but also hair dyes. However, many hair dyes contain carcinogens. Not only that, the stylist will first fade the original hair, which is very harmful to the hair. The oxidants in hair dyes not only fade the melanin in the hair but also oxidize the proteins in the hair, so the hair becomes elastic, dry and difficult to comb.

Perm can destroy the original protein structure of human hair extension, and then change the degree of hair curl, so perm can also destroy the natural structure of hair weaves, causing a certain degree of damage to it.

Both dye and perming can cause some damage to the hair, so don’t dye hair or perm hair more than twice a year. Otherwise, it will affect hair follicles and cause them to lose their vitality.

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