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Do you know about remy hair

Do you know about remy hair

Today more and more beauty-loving women are buying their hair products in online shopping malls or hair stores, but for most people, they don’t know what virgin hair is, what remy hair is, what Brazilian hair is, and so on. Today I will discuss with you what remy hair is

The advantages of remy hair

The stratum corneum of all remy hairs is preserved, and the ends and roots of each hair are in the same direction. Every piece of remy hair product comes from the same donor, so they look the same.remy hairs are better colored and have better hair quality than other types of hair products. If you can wear and maintain them in the right way, you should be able to use them for more than a year.

How to care remy hair

  • First of all, you should regularly wash and maintain your hair. When cleaning remy hair, it is best to use mild or cold water, not too hot water, because overheated water will destroy the nutrition of hair. In the process of cleaning do not overexert, gently comb the hair with a comb, and finally use dry towels to absorb moisture, put in a cool place to dry.
  • Second, when your remy hair doesn’t wear it, you can put it on a dummy’s head, and don’t put it randomly, because it will cause unnecessary knots and deformation.

If you want your hair to last a long time without curling or cluttering, I guarantee remy hair is your best choice.

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