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Body Wave Hair VS Loose Wave Hair, Which Hair To Choose?

Every woman wants to have the most beautiful haircut. Every girl wants to look stylish and elegant at the same time. We have many types of human hair products, such as straight, Body Wave Hair, deep wave, loose wave, water wave, loose deep, and many other types of human hair.
Choosing the right texture for your hair can greatly affect your new look. Before buying 100% human hairs, you may need to consider a lot of information about human hair, price, quality, texture, and so on.
Since there are so many types of human hair, you may want to consider the differences between them. Now, we’ll share with you what’s best for you: body wave hair vs. loose wave hair.
First, What Is Body Wave Hair?
Body wave hair is a type of hair weave, usually with loose curls that form an S shape. Create this S pattern with a full hair extension. It is usually shiny and has a natural appearance. Hair blends into almost all styles and looks natural.
If you make your hair look deeper, you will know that the waves of your hair are more relaxed. It’s great when you mix and match your hair.
Hair features:

  1. Hair was cut directly from the donor’s head and collected in the same direction as the original epidermis.
  2. Do not add other harmful chemicals when sewing.
  3. This hair has about six to eight long lifespan
  4. The curls are loose, giving the hair an ‘S’ shape.
  5. Body wave hair is a loose, natural style. It has the characteristic of a straight rolling wave.
  6. Easy to maintain due to large waves.
  7. Body Wave hair bands and lace seals are highly popular with women for their stylish hairstyles and unique looks.

What Is Loose Wave Hair?

Loose Wave Hair is a kind of hairstyle with loose waves, usually with huge curly hair. People are often confused because the hairstyle is the same as the body wave. However, you must be aware that loose wave curls are slightly tighter than body waves. This is the main difference between emanation and body hair.

Loose wave hair is neither tight nor straight. Most users prefer to give off their hair because they are usually more fluffy and natural. Create that neat, tight hair to shake off the fall. Made of pure human hair, it is bouncy, elastic, and dense. You will have a complete end that looks healthy, and there will be no end ends.

Hair Features:

  1. Loose curls don’t flow in a single direction
  2. Made from 100% human hair
  3. Curly hair is smaller and tighter
  4. Though the curls are not too tight
  5. It usually has a high to medium gloss, depending on where you buy your hair
  6. The user’s curl pattern is tighter than the human wave

Body Wave Vs Loose Wave, What’s The Difference?

There is not much difference between body wave and loose waves on the human body. Although this is true between two strands of hair, a small difference can be very useful when it comes to helping you make tough decisions.

  1. Loose strands are larger than the bulk of your hair. Loose waves are best for people who want a more elastic and fuller look.
  2. Loose wave braids curl much more than body waves. The decision between the two is to look for curly or straight hair. What should I remember about my personal preferences?
  3. Loose wave last longer than body curls. Over time, the body waves will become straighter and if you want curly hair, we recommend using rollers instead of heating the heat from the original body waves.

Body wave vs Loose wave, which hair to choose?

Both in body wave or loose wave, it is the best hair that has not been chemically treated. In summary, the loose wave is more undulating than the body wave. Fashion women accept both body waves and loose waves. No matter which hairstyle you choose, it will make you look good.

If you need thicker and coarser, then the loose wave hair is best for you.

If you need soft and soft curls, then the body wave hair will be your best choice.

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