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Bleaching the lace front wig knots

A few days ago, the wig industry introduced a new technology, i couldn’t help but sigh that the technology of wigs really keeps improving.

The new process is called the “bleaching knots” process, which is mainly aimed at the forehead hairline of the lace inner net. Under normal circumstances, the forehead of the lace front wig is crocheted with ordinary hand-knitting techniques, leaving some small black bumps. If there are more black bumps, the forehead will look darker, and many girls will feel that there is a little black in front. It’s not pretty.

In order to solve this problem, the “bleaching knots” process has appeared!

Drift buckle Drift buckle, bleaching dead button, as the name suggests, is to bleach the position of the lace front wig hook and knot. Use the bleaching method to bleach the roots of the forehead hairline, that is, the black bumps and knots, to a lighter color. The bleached color is very close to the skin tone. After putting on the viscose, it feels like hair growing out of the skin, very natural and looks more beautiful.

This process is easy to say, but it is quite difficult in practice. Because first of all, the hair with poor hair quality cannot withstand bleaching, and it is easy to break off. Furthermore, the bleaching time must be very accurate. If the time is long, the hair will be broken, and if it is short, the color will be wrong. And the length of the float should not be biased, otherwise it will be uneven and ugly. Therefore, the “bleaching knots” process has relatively high requirements for factories and workers.

In general, the bleaching process can be regarded as another big improvement of the lace front wig! Lace wigs were originally the most natural bottom net for the hairline in the wig industry. Now with the addition of the floating button technology, the naturalness can be said to be unmatched. But it’s still a commonplace question. Lace wigs need to be worn with viscose, which is more troublesome. Those who are afraid of trouble should be cautious when starting!

Ms Aloe Hair can be dyed and bleached, but we all know that bleaching lace front wigs knots is a technical task, if you are not a professional, it is best not to try it lightly. If the wrong product is used or the time is not controlled well, the color of the bleached wig knots will be different, which may not achieve the desired effect. A little carelessness may damage lace and hair.

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